International Trade Processing Center (ITPC)

  • One-Stop International Trade Hub, the 1st of its kind on the U.S. - Mexico Border.
  • Houses both FTZ No.68 administrative office and U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Accessible to multi-modal facilities
  • The Center is located at the EPIA Air Cargo Complex, 501 George Perry, Suite I, TX 79906

Foreign-Trade Zone No. 68 Services:

FTZ No. 68 administrative staff provides direct coordination to interested companies in activating a facility and on-going support:

  • Coordination of applications to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board
  • New company activation and operational start-up
  • On-site FTZ training and ongoing Foreign-Trade Zone support (i.e., auditing, record keeping, customs compliance, billing, and reconciliation report)
  • Governmental liaison with federal agencies
  • FTZ Manufacturing start-up
  • E214 Approval on all inbound FTZ shipments from 8 am to 5 pm

US Customs and Border Protection on-site services:

  • Clear all in bond shipments from airport jurisdiction, which includes transshipments from other ports via truck, air, or rail.
  • Services include airfreight, in bond merchandise, air passenger clearance, Private Air, General Order, bonded warehouse, and Foreign-Trade Zones.

 Office hours:  Monday – Friday from 8 am - 8 pm.

EPIA Perishables Center

Support Letter from Mexico Consulate General

PDF-file Engl. / Esp.


The EPIA’s Perishables Center offers a broad range of value-added services for domestic and foreign cargo including:

  • Climate controlled processing system for imports and domestic goods
  • Customs clearance process
  • Sorting of imports
  • Re-labeling imports prior to shipment to distribution centers or retail outlets
  • Cargo handling services and ground handling ramp services
  • Trans-Shipment by air and ground transportation
  • Foreign-Trade Zone designation

The Perishables Center has three chilled units that can handle various perishable items, thereby allowing everything that passes through the clearance process to remain refrigerated from beginning to end. All perishable items from an airplane or truck will maintain a chilled temperature to avoid spoilage. EPIA is offering financial incentives to stimulate a new route for international perishable cargo not currently served through EPIA. Full details of the incentive program can be obtained by calling the Foreign-Trade Zone office at (915) 212-0480, or Properties division at (915) 212-7332.

The Perishables Center is located within the airport’s secure area with ramp access. It is next to the International Trade Processing Center (ITPC), which houses the Federal Inspection Area for examination of air cargo. The federal inspection area has direct airside access with one dedicated cargo bay. The ITPC centralizes federal agencies under one roof saving the cargo community valuable time and money by providing a one-stop clearance center for documentation. The ITPC has US Customs & Border Protection officers that service all airfreight, in bond merchandise, General Order, bonded warehouse, and Foreign-Trade Zones.