General Purpose - Distribution

Prospective businesses have various options in FTZ 68, they are: 

1. Use a 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse that offers FTZ services (Interested party should contact 3PL directly for rates, See list in About FTZ No. 68)

2. Activation of a Distribution Facility in the General Purpose Zone. 

a. Prospective business can be set up as an FTZ User where a company operates under the Customs bond of the City ( Fees are based on transaction activity)

b. Prospective business if owner of goods can activate as its own Distribution Operator (annual fee based)

Contact FTZ Coordinator: 

Dennis Melonas
501 George Perry, Suite i
El Paso, TX  79925
(915) 771-6016

Activation checklist

  • Contact the Grantee/Operator to discuss the intended processes and procedures desired for implementation
  • Fill out and return the FTZ Activation Information Sheet to FTZ No. 68 office.
  • Complete a Firm File Application and submit to CBP to ensure the company has an active import or custodial bond and importer number assigned
  • Provide a list of key personnel to CBP to conduct a background investigation, and general employee list for all others working in the activated area
  • Prepare a Procedures Manual
  • Obtain a FTZ Bond (surety bond) for the benefit of the City. Also a CBP bond based on the type of User or Operator bond required by CBP.
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance with the City as an additional insured on User’s General Liability and Automobile Policies, amounts on each policy are $500,000 for bodily injury or death and $100,000 for property damage for each occurrence
  • Pay activation fee to the City of El Paso
  • Submit a letter to FTZ Operator requesting activation and sign a FTZ Operator or User Agreement